Two Pro Concept

Affordable Professional Management

Challenges Clubs Face

  • Volunteer boards do not have the hands on club managing experience necessary to navigate clubs through the current economy
  • Volunteer boards have difficulty making unpopular decisions
  • Volunteer boards generally turn over every two to three years making long term planning a challenge
  • Lack of revenues keep clubs from using todays technology
  • Lack of revenues limits clubs from using qualified/certified accountants, legal professionals and certified agronomists
  • Lack of revenues and size burdens the clubs purchasing power
  • Clubs often have limited access to proper human resource material and employee policies

What Two Pro Does

  • Brings over 100+ years of combined club managment experience
  • Eliminates the social aspect of the club management by giving boards a place to have the buck stop
  • Provides long range budgeting and planning capability
  • Provides access to state of the art technology and training
  • Two Pro brings a family of club opportunities providing for cooperative services
  • Cooperative nature of Two Pro family allows clubs to share equipment, expertise, and purchasing power
  • Two Pro provides member and employee policies and provides proper human resource sevices